CTRM a company that was established by the Government of Malaysia to spur the development of local aerospace industry was acquired by DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies in 2014.

    The acquisition was intended to lessen the burden of the government and bring about drastic changes in the manner of operations and management of the company.

    Among the companies that are under this stable are CTRM Composites which prides itself as one of the biggest aero structure manufacturers in the world, being in the supply chain for Airbus and Boeing.

    CTRM Aviation (AV) is an aerospace Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) that specialises in aero-composite MRO and currently undertakes repair works for civilian, Police and RMAF aircrafts. It holds Aircraft Maintenance Organization / Authorized Engineering Organization (AMO/AEO), Part 145 and FAA certifications necessary to undertake these tasks.

    CTRM Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) has been providing Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) for Sabah since 2008 and presently at a crucial juncture in changing its UAV from Boeing Scan Eagle to a better platform that meets the Joint Forces Headquarters requirement.

    CTRM Systems Integration (SI) which carries out highly classified work for RMAF also falls under DEFTECH. Although CTRM SI technically helps the RMAF, DEFTECH is able to commercialise some of the highly sensitive technology for its indigenous development like AV8 / AV4.

    DEFTECH sees tremendous growth potential for aerospace, unmanned systems and system integration sectors in the coming years. DEFTECH through its wholly owned subsidiary CTRM will ensure that all programs that involve our core capabilities are undertaken with utmost dedication and commitment.

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